Zidane: Man City defeat is fruit of everyone’s labour

Zidane: Man City defeat is fruit of everyone’s labour

“This is the fruit of everyone’s labour,” says Zinedine Zidane.

“Tonight we must enjoy the moment all together and with the fans”, added the coach.

It was a perfect night for Zidane.

He has just passed the four-month mark as Real Madrid coach and his team are now through to the Champions League final.

The Frenchman had the following to say about his team reaching the final in Milan:

“I’m happy, not just for myself; it was a team effort.

“I’m happy for the players because what they did tonight was fantastic.

“We suffered because that always happens in semi-finals, but we’ve got through to the final and that is what is important for us”.

“I’m happy to be leading this great team.

“I’m happy to be able to enjoy this opportunity that the club has given me, to train these players.

“We must all keep working together and think about the great things we can achieve if we work together as a united team.

“We saw that tonight and now we can enjoy the final”.


“Yes, obviously. But tonight we must enjoy the moment all together and with the fans, who were phenomenal.

“We haven’t won anything yet and it will be a difficult game on the 28th May. We need to rest up well for Sunday.

“That is the good thing about football, thinking about what is in front of you”.


“There are no favourites. It is a final; We both deserve to be there. As always at the start of a game, it will be 50/50”.


“We had a tough game. Our opponents made it difficult for us.

“I don’t think City were weak, I saw a focused team who presented us with difficulties. They played and defended well.

“The result shows that it was difficult for us.

“Perhaps we deserved a second goal but it is a semi-final and we suffered right up until the end”.


“We won the game 1-0 and that shows that we had to dig in against a very strong side.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and can say that City didn’t do anything in the game.

“I think that they did a lot.

“We hardly allowed them any chances because we defended well and got things right tactically”.


“I’m the coach of this team.

“For sure, I’m doing something right. But, it’s not just me, it’s down to everyone who works alongside me.

“The most important ones are the players, it’s them who allow us to enjoy the football.

“I love football and when I see them doing what they do, I’m happy.

“I suffer a bit more as a coach than I did as a player. I feel tense during the games.

“We’ve got to enjoy these moments”.


“He’s fine now, he’s played 90 minutes and he’s fine. I see him as being 100% fit and he’ll continue to play.

“I’m happy with his performance, as I am with that of all of the players”.

Casemiro and Benzema

“If they’re fine tomorrow or the day after, they’ll train with the group.

“We’re not going to hold off until the final, we’ve got important games coming up now.

“At the same time, we won’t be taking any risks. We’ve got enough players to keep on going”.


“Because Cristiano is a wide player, as is Gareth. When Karim is playing, he plays centrally.

“In the game we saw how they swapped around. We needed to be making lots of movement.

“I put my starting XI out and then made the changes.

“I take the positives away with me from what was a hard-fought game, but one in which we achieved what we wanted”.

Zidane says Real Madrid win is fruit of everyone's labour

Zidane says Real Madrid win is fruit of everyone’s labour

SAYS RONALDO: “We were the better team and we are deserved finalists”

“Atletico have shown what it is to be a big team and they have our full respect”, stated Marcelo.

Cristiano Ronaldo analysed the Champions League semi-final win against Manchester City:

““It was a busy game. The team did well, we controlled the game and had more opportunities.

“We could have killed the game with a second goal and 1-0 is a small result but it is sufficient.

“We are in the final, which was our aim.

“We knew we needed to score and in the first game in Manchester we deserved to.

“Today as well, we were the better team and it is fair that we are in the final”.

“It is a final. We are facing Atletico again and I’m happy.

“This shows the quality of La Liga. I am very happy to be in the final and we still have a chance in La Liga”.


“Zidane is doing a fine job. He is helping us and we are happy with his work.

“I admire him as a coach and as a person, and I hope that he stays with us.

“We have always been with him.

“He is a humble person, he likes to learn and listen to the players and it is very easy in this sense”.


“Thank you for all the support you have given us, it was really important. See you at the final and ¡hala Madrid!”


“In the press there were doubts whether I would recuperate.

“This was not the case, I worked hard and recovered well. As Zidane said, I was back to 100%”.

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Zidane says Real Madrid win is fruit of everyone's labour