NFL Draft Drama: Jared Goff & Roger Goodell

NFL Draft Drama: Jared Goff  & Roger Goodell

Jared Goff is ready to carry the pressure of being the franchise quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams after being taken with the first overall pick of the 2016 NFL Draft.The Rams did what everyone expected on Thursday by taking California quarterback Goff after trading a plethora of picks to the Tennessee Titans to get from 15 to the number one spot this month.

He will now have the burden of being the face of the organisation in one of America’s biggest sporting markets in Los Angeles as the Rams aim to end a playoff drought that stretches back to 2004.

But Goff said: “I’m taking it as an honour and I’m going to have to prove them right, that they made the right decision.

“If you’re a first-round quarterback, there’s going to be pressure regardless. I’m very excited, very ready to go, ready for the challenge.”

Carson Wentz was taken second overall by the Philadelphia Eagles following their jump from number eight to two prior to the draft.

The often volatile environment of Lincoln Financial Field promises to provide a stark contrast to the one Wentz played in as his days as North Dakota State quarterback.

However, like Goff he is undeterred by pressure, saying: “I’m just thankful for the support. The people back home in North Dakota have supported me all through my college career and now through this journey, it’s been unbelievable. I can’t thank them enough.

“And to these new fans back in Philly, it’s exciting. I’m going to hopefully earn their respect and win a lot of ball games for them.”

Meanwhile, still on the NFL draft, Roger Goodell believes Laremy Tunsil’s controversial evening is what makes the NFL Draft “so exciting”.

Offensive lineman Tunsil was hotly tipped to be one of the first players picked at the annual Draft, where NFL teams select the best college players for their rosters.

However, shortly before proceedings began a video emerged of Tunsil on his Twitter account that appeared to show him smoking marijuana while wearing a gas mask.

The 21-year-old, who was eventually made the number 13 overall pick by Miami Dolphins, later claimed his account had been hacked.

Tunsil is reported to have lost $7.3million as a result of sliding down the picks and NFL commissioner Goodell feels the incident was all part of the drama of the Draft.

“I think it’s all part of what makes the draft so exciting,” he told ESPN radio.

“Clubs make decisions. Sometimes they take risks. Sometimes they do the right things. Sometimes they don’t, and we’ll see.

“Hopefully he is going to turn out to be a great young player.”

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