Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior’s father, Neymar Santos, Sr., claimed that Paris Saint-Germain would have needed to pay €430million to prise his son, Neymar, away from Barcelona before he signed a new contract, according to the player’s father.

Neymar Sr. explained that PSG would have had to pay the €190m termination fee clause as contained in the 24-year-old’s contract – plus a hefty amount of tax.

“With regard to the subject of PSG, there is a contradiction, due, apparently, to a lack of understanding,” he told Globo Esporte.

“Well, the athlete is subject to pay the termination fine for breach of contract with any club. The club would support this payment in the region of €190m and would also have to compute the tax – in Spain, at the time, it was somewhere around 56 per cent.

“I believe that €430m was not an obscene value. The player was unattainable and priceless, in that Barcelona do not want to sell.

“In fact, even if the value was obscene, it is not my problem. It was the contracted amount.”

In the other hand, information published in L’Equipe detailing the negotiation process between Paris Saint-Germain and Neymar’s representatives — Wagner Ribeiro and Neymar’s father, Neymar Senior — appears some details about what the player wanted from PSG as well as what the French club were offering.

PSG’s directors were ready to pay the player’s release clause, but the brakes were put on the deal due to some requests from Neymar’s representatives. Supposedly he wanted his 45 million euro tax debt wiping by the club and a salary of 40 million euros per year.

Wagner Ribeiro was the person who revealed these economic conditions. He also claimed that on offer was a private jet to take Neymar to Brazil games and that PSG’s owners would create a chain of hotels carrying the 24-year-old’s names.

L’Equipe assure that in reality those would have been demands from Neymar’s side, or in concrete Neymar Sr., because PSG have never made such big offers.

More than the private planes and a hotel chain, the PSG owners “were not ready to accept the economic conditions Neymar’s father had demanded, which would equal a net salary of 25 million euros, when PSG has offered 10 million euros less, and the wiping of the player’s tax debts. If the club had agreed to this, Neymar would be in Paris today,” the French newspaper concluded.


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