One of the greatest footballers ever, Diego Maradona, thinks that England football team is over-rated, saying that the squad is “short on talent and steel” – running around “aimlessly” against Iceland.

In his usual straight talk, the 1986 World Cup winner Maradona, who scored the iconic ‘Hand of God’ goal to eliminate England from World Cup 30 years ago, came hard on English team, while heaping praise on Iceland.

“It was an upset that didn’t look like one,” Maradona wrote in his column for the Times of India.

“Iceland were fairly in command and made their illustrious rivals run around aimlessly, without purpose or venom.

“England continues to be an over-hyped side, short on talent and steel.

“Although I’d be surprised if Iceland get past France, the tiny nation has been the story of the tournament so far.”

On reactions following Leo Messi’s decision to quit international football after Copa America disappointment, where Argentina, for 2nd successive time, lost in the final to Chile, Diego Maradona has urged his compatriots to leave Lionel Messi alone.

After Argentina lost a third final in three years, going down to Chile 4-2 in a penalty shoot-out for the Copa America Centenario last Sunday, Messi was so frustrated, saying he had enough, and will no more play international football.  The decision brought many in the South American nation to tears, with several high-profile figures – including the country’s president Mauricio Macri – pleading with Messi to reconsider.

However Maradona insists that people should just leave Messi alone for the time being, to allow him time to get over the disappointment.

“Messi is telling us to stop busting his balls,” Maradona said in an interview with La Red on Wednesday.

“With this Messi has told us ‘I am going on holidays, leave me alone and when you call me. I’ll think about it. I don’t want to talk about this anymore’. I think it’s great.

“These days everyone is a coach, everyone is a penalty-taker. No, it’s not like this.

“I see that people are meeting to talk about the subject, and I hear people who in their life have kicked one f**king ball and now they dare talk about football.

“Now when I see people talk about it, I change [the channel]. That’s it, it’s happened. We can’t go back.

“We have to construct a unified idea with Messi, but if he says no then we still have to put out a team on the pitch.”.

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