I WAS SACKED – MOURINHO: Contrary to the common phrase ‘’mutual consent’’ used when Jose Mourinho and Chelsea parted ways in December 2015, the ‘’blues’’ ex-Manager, and current Manchester United Manager, confirmed that he was actually sacked by Chelsea.

Mourinho was sacked seven months after he led Chelsea to Premier League title, due to series of poor results, loosing nine matches in their first 16 games of the season.

The club then stated that the Portuguese had left by ‘’mutual consent’’,  but Mourinho told Sky Sports that he was dismissed by owner Roman Abramovich.

“Mr Abramovich decided to sack me. I left with not one bad word about anything or anyone at the club.

“It was not mutual consent. That was in my first period at Chelsea when I agreed it was time to change.

“I was keen to change, more than ready to go to other countries but this time it was not like that.

“It was a decision by the owner and I was informed of that decision. I accepted it in a polite way and we signed the papers. I did it in a calm, respectful way.”

Mourinho continued to live in London before he was named United boss in May.

“I waited for what I preferred, which was to stay in England, in the Premier League and I was lucky to have a big club like Manchester United,” he added.

“It took a couple of days [to get over it] and then it was finished and I started my life in a common way.

“I was still in London, I kept a house there, I was walking in the street, going to the gym, watching football…”

However, Mourinho insisted that bears no grudges to anyone at Chelsea, saying that sacking of coaches is a part of modern management.

“It’s not nice for me or anyone but that’s life, I took it in a positive way,” he said.

“To be sacked is [part of] football, many of the best managers in the history of football have had their moment to be sacked.

“Of course there are exceptions but normally, and especially in modern football, you are in a position where it can happen to anyone.

“If it was a club where I gave nothing it would be more difficult. When I leave the club that in two different periods I gave titles and, to the fans, some of the best moments that a club’s supporters can have, then I leave with a feeling of ‘I did my job’.”

Mourinho claimed the fans wanted him to stay before the axe fell.

“I don’t think they wanted it but, even if they did, they cannot remove me from Chelsea history,” he said.

“I am in their history and they belong to my history too, so there is no reason for bad feelings.”

On Sunday, Mourinho will lead his new club, Manchester United, to Stamford Bridge for a tough Premier League match, the first since he left the club.

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